I didn’t come out to see you,
I only came out for beer,
I didn’t mean to find this corner,
And watch you closely sitting here,

What do you mean I’m not your type,
Popped collar and spikey hair not cutting it tonight?
What do you mean I’m not your type,
Emo hair, tight jeans and ink not enough tonight?
What do you mean I’m not your type,
Punk rock attitude, and facial piercings leaving something lacking?
What do you mean, I’m not your type,
Polo shirt and abercrombie deserves a smacking,

Am I too plain for you my dear?
No holes or metal in my ears,
Cause me pain to impress you,
When I’d rather just undress you,
The only ink I need flows from my pen,
No meaningless symbols to just pretend,

I’d rather fit into your jeans honey,
Than fit into your scene honey,
I can talk the talk baby,
But I wont walk the walk baby,

Pass me over with disdain,
Too plain, too plain,
But I sneak in sometimes like ninja do,
Past those defenses right on through,
While others fight with a frontal visual assault,
I find your wall and vault,

What’s the matter baby,
Didn’t see me at the show last week?
What’s the matter baby,
Am I not part of your scene?
What’s the matter baby,
Afraid you let a phony in?
Just relax baby,
There’s never a place for the chameleon,

Not this time though, not tonight,
Passed me over,
Out of sight,
Those guys over there are more your type,

It’s ok baby, everything is just fine,
Take comfort in the promise,
You can’t pass over father time,
He’ll knock you down I promise,

Out of sight,
Out of time,
Let it go, let it go, let it go,
That girl was never mine.