So let us portray for moment, a hypothetical guy, with his hypothetical girlfriend.

Let us say, he is hypothetically inserting his fingers into her f’agina, and he decides on a whim, to taste his fingers afterwards, because his hypothetical girlfriend is so sexy and delicious he cannot resist.  He sucks his fingers with gusto, exhaling heavily as he does so, savoring her sweet and…coppery…flavor?

Let us say, he looks down at his fingers, and he notices they are looking rather maroon colored, and it does not seem to be a trick of the light.

Images from Anne Rice novels fly through hypothetical boyfriends head, as he slowly realizes he has just had a full on taste of moon blood.  He thinks he might gag for a moment, but then decides to lick his lips instead. 

Purely hypothetical of course, I mean, who would actually do that…huh? (nervous laughter).