Ok, quick updates.

Celebrity interviews coming very soon, the first two are going to be with Tara Mackey, and then Joey (the drummer) from the band “The Sleeping”, they are currently on the Nintendo Wii tour with Hawthorne Heights, they are on the label Victory Records, check out their stuff at www.myspace.com/thesleeping.

Ok, on to Tobas news,

My girlfriends mother seems to like me now! yay! Her guy friend thinks I’m a homer-sexual, boooo! I was invited over for Thanksgiving! yay! I’ll be all the way in Amityville and probably wont make it, boooo!

On the medical front, I recently started taking ciprofloxin to try and help my chronic prostatitis. Apparently, these things make you feel like shit and drive you crazy. Aside from making you want to put lead in your skull, they make you confused and irrational, and I’m bad enough with that stuff without any help. The weird aches and burning urethra dont help things either. The worst part is, it doesn’t even feel like a UTI, its fine when you have to pee, which is pretty damn often, but just sitting there, its incredibly annoying. I didn’t know any of this shit until I started reading stories from other guys who suffer from this shit, they just dont tell you those things even if you look up the side effects, which is pretty fucked up.

To hell with hippaa, does anyone really give a shit about my enlarged prostate? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, as soon as I get the last of todays meds out of my system, it’s back to saw palmetto for me.

More interesting stuff coming soon.

Stay tuned.