The anger bubbled over,
From being tossed aside,
My resentment built and boiled over,
Leaving inside with nowhere to hide,

Turns out you were right, after all,
Deciding to leave the past in place,
Not to catch me when I fall,
Leave me to fall right on my face,

Oh, that hatred, rose in me,
Dis-belief, and horror-struck,
Left me crawling on my knees,
Feeling empty, sad and stuck,

A death sentence for a caring heart,
You knew this, yet you carried on,
Ripped not one, but two hearts apart,
Ignorance and bliss are feelings gone,

But it’s gone, what I resent,
And I want to thank you instead,
I doubt that boy will feel it so,
I’ll try to fix that messed up head,

So thank you dear for killing me,
I was tired, of myself,
Goodbye love I could not see,
Hello life, and emotional health,

Some remember me still,
The boy I was, or used to be,
He is here and feeling fine,
Dead is the old, and crazy me,

Solid now, and wiser since,
Control’s a gift appreciated,
Better now from now on hence,
Thank you again for the dismiss.