Here he comes, free at last,
This little boy, with no past,
Let him go and give him life,
Remind him who he is, tonight,

No wish to be here,
Neither side will agree to me,
Pushed and pulled against my will,
Bright lights blinding, nothing to see,

Leave me alone please,
Let me go, get your mouth away,
I was fine before you came,
A rubber doll that soon decays,

Give her blood, before she dies,
I hope I had my mommys eyes,
I hope they let me stay asleep,
Daddy don’t weep,

You should have been more careful,
Who do you think you are?
You should have known before you blew,
Forget the sky, leave that star,

I should have stayed a little twinkle,
Re-absorbed and part of you,
You should have had a little tinkle,
Burning acid passed me through.