Grasping hands holding tight,

Take flight,

Animosity that is endless,

My ire, relentless,


Quest for parity that never ends,

Take from me, and make pretend,

That everything is still ok,

In your typical way,


Speaking words that are sickly sweet,

A life thats left that hardly meets,

Any expectation,

Of building nations,


I wish you well,

I wish you hell,

Both at once, for extra fun,

To pay for all that you have done,


Keep smelling the piled dung,

Growing odor from the burning sun,

There will come a time, for you to burn,

A time for you to take your turn,


Idle chatter to pass the time,

Gladly take what is mine,

Look down on me, take what you can get,

Just don’t think,

Not for a moment,

That I will forget.