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It was during the dead times.  It was then that the soul eaters were the saviors of humanity, or those among the living.  The great plague swept across the earth like a wildfire, taking all in its path, leaving families to fight off and kill the re-animated corpses of loved ones.  Entire nations took shelter in walled towns and cities, fighting off hordes of the creatures, trying to stay alive.  You could slash them, dismember them, fill them full of arrows like pincushions, and nothing would bring down these horrible monsters.  It was then that the elders gathered to communicate through arcane means, to try and devise a method of ending this terrible time.  Wise men and women poured all of their knowledge into finding an answer, and finally, one elder discovered through trial and many errors, that there was a method of cloaking living humans so that the creatures could not detect them, even if they stood but inches away.  They used this technique to create the soul eaters, capable of giving these wretched monsters eternal rest.

They sent out small armies of these enhanced humans, at first, it was only a few brave humans willing to risk walking among these things that were once their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  They faced a terrible death, being torn to pieces by those claw-like decomposed hands, only to rise again moments later, as one of them.  The first ones quickly realized that they were in no danger at all, and wandered freely amongst the monsters, quietly laying hands on them, and watching them drop bonelessly to the ground, never to rise and kill again.  Men lined up in droves after that, to undergo the transformation, as it was now being called.  Infused with this new power, they became confident and sometimes brash, often taunting the dead as they strolled among them, they began to feel as gods do, invincible.

Soon, when the threat was almost over, the elders gathered again to assess the growing threat of the soul eaters, who had begun to make themselves a nuisance.  They held meetings in secret, plotting to rid themselves of their own creations.

Quick personal note.

I discovered something today.  Something important, and profound, and potentially, terribly destructive.

I am scared and incredibly threatened.  Well, basically, I get jealous.

This realization bothered me to no end.  It is one thing to get annoyed, or grimace at something, or someone.  But to be jealous, just flat out unhappy, or disapproving of the person you are with associating, or being friends with someone, well, that was a mind-fuck of epic proportions.  So, what does a defensive-minded anti-social do to stave that off?  Simple, pre-emptive strike.  But no, no, I could not do that, I could not do that again.  And I say again because I know I have done that before.  But gods, this is going to hurt, I do not want it to, I pray that it does not, but I am oh so scared, and I know that I cannot let go, but I cannot get away.

I have never been jealous about people.  Ever.  Everyone do what they like, and if I am that annoyed, you will know it by how I will just not speak/be with you anymore.

I resisted a massive, instinctive impulse today.  I knew it was cowardice.  I may be called a fool when all is said and done, but I am standing by my choice, and if I have to suffer for it in the end, then I will suffer and learn.  That is one thing I seem to have excelled at so far.

Papa was a rolling stone…



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Soul Eater pt. 3

“Were there any witnesses?”  Asked Detective Hicks.  The officer at the scene, one Brady Green, pointed over to where a young man sat huddled in a blanket.  “His name is Walter Mc’carthy, I’m not sure how much help he will be at the moment, or at all for that matter, he appears to have swallowed a stamp book full of LSD, the only thing we got out of him was that the devil came tonight, and took her soul.”  Hicks took in the boy, scraggly blonde hair, wide bloodshot eyes, and a completely vacant stare that read, ‘out to lunch…forever’.  Officer Green went over the details again, while Hicks examined the young girls body.  “Caucasian female, no ID, about fifteen or sixteen, no visible evidence of bodily trauma, the only thing we found was evidence of sexual intercourse, but it appears to have occured post-humously.”  He pointed back at Walter.  “We suspect day-tripper over there engaged in some accidental necrophilia, not that he could tell the difference in his state, it so far appears to be an OD, but the few other witnesses at the party who saw her at all, claimed she wasn’t into drugs, and not one saw her come into this room.”

Hicks pointed to several strange markings on her forehead.  “What about those, they look like fingerprints.”  Brady shook his head.  “We tried to get some prints, and so far we have only come up with one set, and all the evidence seems to point to Mc’Carthy, but there are no prints in her head or neck region, so we can’t say what those are as of yet.”  Hicks covered the girl up again before standing up and issuing orders.  “Ok, I want Mc’Carthy taken in for further questioning, and as a possible suspect, I want this room combed again, and I want to know if anyone else saw another person enter this room, or either of these two for that matter.”  Walter moaned and began to tremble in his blanket.  “Ohhhh, that was some dude, oh man, slick dude, hands looked like the fucking laser light show man, wheeee, whooop, fucking laser beams right out, whooshhh…”.  Hicks walked over quickly.  “Who are you talking about, did you see someone else?”  Walter cackled loudly.  “Nice black suit man, feds have some glowing hands now and shit, ooohhh, fuck, MIB’s man, MI-fucking B’s.”

Hicks turned to Brady and indicated he should be jotting this down, Brady had already been writing and just nodded.  “Ok Walter, what else, was he white, black?”  Walter suddenly looked scared, his eyes going wider than even before. “Oooooh, oh no man, oh no, black eyes, like a ghost, but those eyes were black holes man, he saw my guts man, he saw my blood and guts man, ahhh, get me out of this box man, get me outttttt!”  Two officers nearby grabbed him before he could bolt and held him down, which reduced him to quietly gibbering nonsense.  Hicks turned to the assembled officers again.  “We have a description, I want all the witnesses at the party interviewed again, and I want to know if anyone else saw this mystery man, maybe we could build on this description at least.”  Brady scratched his head dubiously.  “Eh, Hicks, I mean, this guy is looney tunes, not exactly credible, you know what I mean?” 

The body was being loaded up and Walter was being escorted to a squad car as Hicks answered.  “This is not an overdose, and while Walter may be a rapist, and a junkie, he’s no murderer, that much I can tell, and even if he was, I doubt very much he could have done this the way it was done, so, we have to start somewhere.”

Brady turned back to the other officers at the scene and began handing out instructions.

Midnight in the Garden of Evil.

You can see that I am unhappy, you can see that I am blue,

You can see I saved these bullets,

One for me,

And one for you,

Overwhelmed, such frustration, sanity is leaving me,

Common sense is on vacation, circumstances bleeding me,

What is fake, and what is true?

Tell me now, before I shoot,

Perfect aim, to make it new,

Saved this bullet just for you,

No more like, little love,

As below, but not above,

One way into here and the bolts turned tight and held the way,

 No way,

Can I sleep, or does another life hold sway?

Tomorrow come,

The next day come,

It shall pass, it must,

And leave behind the ashes of today.


(Save your bullshit,

Nothings true,

Don’t move now, salvations coming,

I saved this bullet, just for you.)

California dreaming.

“So shes afraid then, is that it?”  Asked Ralph.  Topher nodded in the affirmative and took a healthy swallow before answering in further detail.  “Well yes,  even though her mum is aware of our relationship, she is under the impression her life will be made a miserable mess should she ask to see me, despite it being out in the open.”  Ralph pursed his lips for a moment and narrowed his eyes, “Wait, so her mum knows, is there trouble now?”  Topher shook his head, “No, it seems things are quite amicable still, under the rug, so to speak.”

“So what is it, does being under the rug bother you so much then?”  Ralphs tone clearly indicated that it should not, in fact, bother him so much at all, and he continued before Topher could muster a reply, “I mean, most fellas would be thrilled to be ‘flying under the radar’, so to speak, you still see her, no?”  Topher waved the question off, “Yes, yes, of course I do, and no, I am not ‘thrilled’ to be ‘flying under the radar’, as you say, you should know me better by now, I hide from no one, if I can possibly help it, and in this case, it brings a frustration that is so overwhelming, I can hardly put words to it.”  Topher glanced down and saw his glass empty, this was mildly surprising, as it had been more than halfway full before he had finished his last word.  Ralph caught the eye of the serving girl and indicated that two refills were needed.  “It seems to be a matter of pride then my friend, can you not swallow it for a time, and just be happy to have someone who cares about you, and that you care about, really Topher, who cares what people think, especially those that judge without even bothering to see what type of person you are.”

Two foaming pint glasses appeared in front of them, and both took a moment to study the heads.  “A bit too much on mine.”  Said Ralph.  “Never enough head as far as I’m concerned.”  Countered Topher.  They both laughed for a moment before returning to the topic at hand.  “See, thats the thing, as far as her mum is concerned, all she needs to know about me is my dating choice, chiefly, my choice to date her daughter, I fear I could be the second coming, and it would not make a shred of difference, if my foundation is cracked, then it becomes impossible to build merit.”  Ralph let out a deep breath and shook his head slightly.  “Is there no way to endear yourself?  Perhaps you can devise a scheme where you ‘save her life’ somehow, and then her mum would have to owe you at least gratitude for that.”  Another long sip, and Tophers pint was a half-pint.  “I have cooked up every scheme you could possibly imagine, and yet, all would be in defiance of her wishes, should I even broach the topic of concocting a meeting, she demonstrates an anger born of stark fear, which puzzles and frightens me, but I am sympathetic, and I quickly try to move along.”  Ralph laughed.  “I can’t believe you even took that suggestion seriously, you really are desperate, and that is something I have not seen from you much, whats your hurry my friend?”  Topher belched loudly and replied,  “I am not in any hurry, not at all, it is just the feeling of not being liked without even being given a chance, it is selfishness on my part, imposing my own values on another, I strongly believe in giving a person a chance, no matter what the circumstances may appear to be, or what the person may appear to be,  I feel that a humans actions should dictate their merit, as opposed to arbitrary values, such as age, or life experience accrued.”  Ralph barely let the last word be spoken before interjecting,  “Wait a moment, but didn’t you just say that your action, by which I mean your dating choice, was the determining factor in the disapproval sent your way to begin with?”  He continued, “Really seems like a no-win situation you got there friend, maybe an escape plan is in order, eh?”

Topher shook his head once, very slowly, “Ralph, I don’t run, and I don’t quit, and the only reason I have not pushed the issue is for her sake, but I am not finished, I could accept this, and I could let it go, which I will do my very best to do, but I am better than one action, and I do not deserve to be demonized for finally being happy.  Letting it go, would be to accept that judgement, and that is not acceptable.”

Ralph stared a moment, and muttered a silent prayer before raising his glass,  “Well, cheers mate, to the birds mum, may she have the sense to see you are worth ten fools closer to her daughters age.”  The glasses clinked, and once again, the beer disappeared.


(This story is fiction, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental)

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Soul-eater pt.2

The two men circled the small sand pit, bodies jerking weapons into offensive and defensive positions.  Both were built like gladiators, well-muscled, broad shoulders, tree trunk legs, and a chest that rippled with pectoral might, they circled slowly, taking probing jabs at one another.  The taller man, wearing the sandy brown breeches, carried a sturdy wooden buckler on one arm, and a standard issue gladius in the other.  He wielded it with precision, and demostrated so by going into a series of circular motions, whisking the blade around his person without abandon.  The impatient crowd seemed to enjoy his little show, but there were rising calls for blood, and techinique demonstrations were not providing the entertainment these people had come to see.  The shorter fighter, wearing a wolf hide tunic, carried two equal length scimitars, choosing to deflect oncoming blows, or dodge them all together.

The shorter fighter then took a turn, and exploded into a series of whirling attacks, but this time, it was not merely for show, as the taller fighter quickly found himself using the gladius and buckler with the greatest skill he possessed, to try and deflect the many attacks.  The buckler flew down quickly to block a slice at his exposed legs, while the gladius parried the high attack that came but seconds after the low strike.  The taller fighter watched the rhythm of his style, and went into a rhythm of his own, block, down, parry high, and they continued this for another solid minute, until the scimitar fighter faked down, and brought both his blades high in a lightning manuver, right into the exposed chest cavity of the taller man .

The crown exploded, and the vanquished fighter, now dead on his feet, stood, slackjawed for a moment, before toppling over in the growing pile of gore beneath him.

The winner clapped his scimitars in the air, now slimy with blood and viscera, sending spray after spray into the crowd.  They ran for it, lapping it up as the dogs often do,  they wanted this, death, they wanted to feel alive, they wanted to bathe in it.

 ‘Fools’  Thought Graham.  ‘As if conquering a fear of death, were as simple as bathing in a sandy, slimy pool of life.’  He watched from his seat in the reserved box, away from the flowing death that had driven this already mad stadium into a frenzy.  Two men struggled with each other nearby, one was holding a solid looking truncheon, trying to get a bead on the skull of the other combatant, who was weaponless, but obviously quite strong, since he seemed to be making a decent account of himself emptyhanded.  Graham approached the two, quietly walking up behind them, ‘oh yes’, this one will do nicely, he thought.

Often, when two men engage in single combat, it is not the size of the men, or the weapons they use, or how skillful they are.  As in this case, clearly, the unarmed man is at an advantage, having pinned the club wielding man to the ground.  Graham softly blew, just letting his breath carress the sandy ground for a moment.  In a moment, the unarmed man was clawing at his eyes, and the other man got up quickly, and proceeded to split the others skull.

The victor walked away without a second look, while the loser writhed on the ground, slowly dying from his grievious headwound.  Graham kneeled by him, and place a hand on his upper right arm.  “You fought bravely, you have a strong spirit.”  He moved his hand over to his forehead, and felt the familiar tingle rise from his palms down his spine and into his brain.  This was a good one, a powerful one, and soon, Grahams body gave off a slight glow that quickly faded.  The mans writhing suddenly stopped, and Graham walked out through the racous crowd, un-noticed.