I am so sorry, that I did not want to see your face,

I was in such a good place,

And I will not let you take me back there,

To that bad place,

So many things to face,

From you,

So allow me to refrain, from being there,

I am aware,

You do not care,

If I am there, or not there,

I can see that,

I can accept that,

I am just fine.

Did I tell you I laughed tonight?

Did I tell you why?


Then I will not tell you,

But when I finally saw, I laughed so loud.

Call me shallow, call me superficial,

Call me what you will,

It still made me laugh,

Does that bother you?

You have no idea how much it used to bother me,

But no more, why is that?

Tell me why that is.

Because, I know,

Deep down, far down,

You still yearn for a feeling,

That cannot be found in that place,

So I laugh,

And there is little humor in it,

Because I am sorry for me,

And I am sorry for you.