I had a lot to think about this weekend.

I thought about people that I admire, and I surprised myself, by the realization that I admire someone very much that I never thought about so much.

This woman was a champ, a hero, someone who took vows and understood exactly what she said.  Oh, I have no doubt that she could have run away at the first sign of adversity, or years later when things got really heavy, and really taxing, and really difficult.

A woman who kept her promise until the very end, the bitter end. 

I have so much respect for this woman, I am actually going to call her and tell her so as soon as I can.  She will no doubt be surprised, at least I think she will, it’s just that I never understood anything like I do now.  What a strong and honest woman.  It is so easy to just give up and stop working at something, I am sure she could have countless times, I am sure she had many options, many men waiting to flatter her, and tell her that her promises stopped the minute things got too difficult to handle.  Whatever the case was, she did not fall victim to lies and wrongness, she stayed true.  I can only wish that I had someone like that to stand by my side.

You never knew it, but secretly, I held you in the highest esteem, I say secretly only because I never spoke of this to her while we interacted, and perhaps I never will.

Any man would be lucky to have had a woman like you, and any woman who ever wishes to enter into the state of matrimony would do well to study your life, for you are a shining example of what it means to enter into a lifelong partnership, you are perserverance beyond reckoning, you have the right to spit in the face of every woman who has ever had a petty complaint, who has ever decided that pride was a valid reason to divide a union of souls.  Every woman who has thought she had more than she could bear can only stare in silence at you, awed, and unable to even find a reason for their lack of commitment.

You, Jean Fischer, stand above and beyond all of that.

They do not make wives like that anymore, they do not make women like that anymore.  I think about your life, and especially now, I am floored, how much therapy did you need?  How much doubt did you have?  These days, with this generation, I am sure the answer would have been many, but you quietly lived with dignity, and did what you said you were going to do.

My respect for that woman knows no bounds. 

Jean Fischer, your dedication did not go un-noticed.  If I should ever meet someone who I knew was just like that, I would waste no time and marry her immediately, for that is a woman easily worth spending the rest of your days with.  This is how I want to be, this is the ideal I will hold myself to.  Your life meant something to me, I just never knew how much until now.

I will give no details, except to say that any other person would have run for their wretched lives faced with such adversity.

You taught me a lesson that will stay with me as long as I live.

Thank you Jean.