Here is something that perhaps many of you will find useful.  I somehow feel as if I am putting a glock in the hands of all of my readers, but I am feeling reckless tonight, so pay attention.

For those who do not subscribe to things that seem superstitious in nature, know that I am a skeptic, sans par.  But I think we can all agree on a few basic tenets.  One, words have power, words can move nations, destroy, create, make love, hate, war, and peace.  Words are power.

Emotions are power as well, when a person is filled with emotion, they project this, you can feel anger, you can feel hatred, just as you can feel love, and empathy.  Now, here is the trick my friends, combine the two, and see what you get. 

Remember, there are small instruments, large instruments, useful instruments, and useless ones as well.  Words are no different, a master scribe can weave words, that one with skill and emotional content can use for many things.  Call it your subconcious, call it your god, call it your ancestors, if you cook with fire, you will be fed.

So, here is a loaded weapon, use it for good, use it for evil, do what you wish, but do it the right way, or else you will waste your breath.


(Hum, mouth open, breathing out first)

Hear my heart, as it is beating,

Hear my lungs as they are breathing,

Feel my life, as it is fleeting,

I am humble, I am small,

With your help I will stand tall,

Fill me up inside with power,

My thoughts are gardens that will flower.

Let me see what is inside,

Unleash my will, appear outside.

(Breathe out slow, and use that imagination).


Rinse, repeat, laugh loud and laugh last.

Wiccan rules are for pussies, Do what thou wilt.